Alain Badiou: Capitalism destroys states, creates anarchic regions where normal life is no longer possible, where state structures no longer exist. In order to secure access to raw materials, one or the other political force is then supported, depending on its own interests. The result for the civilian population is terrible.

„A new form of imperialist contradiction is emerging in Africa and the Middle East, the consequence of which is that in many regions normal life is no longer possible. One destroys the state, creates an anarchic situation and then, depending on one’s own interests, supports one or another political force. The result is terrible for the civilian population. The people can no longer stay in their country. …. a new form of imperialism, a new form of struggle for raw materials and resources. In other words, it is no longer classical colonialism, in the course of which entire states were subjugated, but what is called „zonage“ in French: the acceptance of fragmented, anarchic spaces in which no state structures rule any more, but criminal gangs rule.“

Alain Badiou, born in Rabat, Morocco, in 1937, is a philosopher, mathematician, novelist and one of the most important intellectuals in France.

Translated by Initiative black&White

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Alain Badiou: Der Kapitalismus zerstört Staaten, schafft anarchische Regionen, in denen kein normales Leben mehr möglich ist, keine staatlichen Strukturen mehr vorhanden sind. Unterstützt wird dann zur Sicherung des Zugriffs auf die Rohstoffe, je nach den eigenen Interessen, die eine oder andere politische Kraft. Das Ergebnis für die Zivilbevölkerung ist fürchterlich.

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