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  • Citizens‘ Movement M5-RFP: Transitional government does not fulfil Malians‘ hope

  • BlackandWhite

    7. Oktober 2020 at 12:24

    June 5 Movement – Rally of Patriotic Forces (M5-RFP)



    The 5 June Movement – Rally of Patriotic Forces (M5-RFP) takes note of the establishment of the Transitional Government by the Transitional Authorities on Monday 5 October 2020.

    The M5-RFP indicates, contrary to some information relayed by national and international media and on social networks, that it has no representative in this government, no member of which can claim to be or to act on its behalf.

    The M5-RFP deeply regrets that its constant concern for a successful transition was not understood and taken into account either at the time of the consultation days on the Transition, or for the appointment of the President and that of the transitional Prime Minister and even less for the establishment of the government that took place while its delegation was in discussions with the Prime Minister.

    The latter, after having given assurances to the M5-RFP and recalled his key and decisive role for change in Mali, put his delegation on hold until the surprise announcement of the composition of the new government.

    The M5-RFP recalls, to all intents and purposes, that it is not in a battle of positions, and that moreover, invited in the recent past by the former President to participate in a government of national unity, it had clearly indicated that it was neither a demandeur nor a taker.

    The M5-RFP is therefore legitimate to say that the new government, whose composition violates Law No. 052 on the promotion of gender, does not represent either a break with the system it fought against or the change to which the Malian people aspire and for which it has made the ultimate sacrifice: the blood of its Martyrs, for whom justice must be done without delay.

    The M5-RFP, in spite of repeated attempts at marginalisation, aware of its responsibilities, reaffirms its determination to see its fight for a new Mali succeed.

    To this end, the M5-RFP, strengthened by the commitment of all its components, without exception, to work tirelessly for the success of the process of change, calls on its Activists and Sympathizers to remain mobilised in anticipation of its watchwords for a real break with the old system, for real change through the Refoundation of Mali.

    Bamako, 06 October 20020

    For the M5-RFP Strategic Committee

    Choguel K. MAIGA

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