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  • Fokus Sahel, is a civil society network working on peace and development policy

  • BlackandWhite

    17. Oktober 2020 at 9:42

    Welcome to Fokus Sahel, founded in 2013/14, is a civil society network working on peace and development policy issues in the Sahel. Interested organisations can meet and exchange their different expertise and work priorities. The aim is to share knowledge, act in a networked manner and, if necessary, strengthen partner organisations in the Sahel.

    Fokus Sahel is an open network and invites organisations and institutions active in and around the Sahel to join in!

    Our topics and areas of work

    Fokus Sahel is dedicated to various topics and fields of action, which emerge from the working experiences and current needs of the members.

    They can be country-specific or cross-regional.


    – Peace and reconciliation process in Mali

    – Resource use with a focus on gold mining in the Sahel countries

    – Land transfers/- grabbing by local elites and for state-supported agrobusiness

    – Non-military options for civil society in the Sahel in the face of the growing threat of radicalisation and violence

    – Migration and EU migration policy in the Sahel countries


    1. learning and understanding through regular exchanges

    The exchange and joint analysis enables members and their partners in the Sahel to better understand current developments and complex interrelationships and to sharpen their own positions. Regular meetings, a newsletter and other forms of information exchange contribute to this. In the network, experiences are discussed and the effects of the programmes and advocacy work are documented. The aim is to (further) develop innovative strategies and approaches together with the partners in the Sahel and to support their implementation.


    Fokus Sahel analyses the political discourse against the background of local and regional realities in close exchange with civil society organisations in the Sahel countries. This results in options for action for all parties involved, for example through joint advocacy work. Fokus Sahel aims to raise awareness for the region and creates opportunities and channels of communication for partners from the Sahel countries to present their concerns to German and sometimes European politicians and the public. Through coordinated action on specific issues and projects, decision-makers are sensitised to the goals and needs of local actors and populations in the Sahel. The opportunity to react jointly to the German Government’s Sahel and, if necessary, Africa policy gives greater weight to the concerns of civil society.


    Through regular exchange, Fokus Sahel is able to respond better to peaks and real threats to the partners. In this way, for example, human rights defenders and other civil society actors can be better protected.

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