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  • Invitation: Should Europe change its trade policy to promote peace in Ghana

  • BlackandWhite

    6. Oktober 2020 at 10:55

    Is Europe’s trade policy threatening peace in Ghana and West Africa?

    Invitation to the webinar of the Black&White initiatives on their impact on farmers in Ghana and West Africa on 17 October, 5 pm Ghanatime, 19 Uhr German Time.

    A major reason for growing political instability in Ghana and West Africa even the risk of violence in elections is the lack of prospects for many young people in Ghana. However, it is not only the elites in Ghana who are responsible for the lack of jobs. European economic and agricultural policy towards Ghana is a major reason, as are free trade agreements and agricultural subsidies. In Germany and Europe this is hardly known.

    From the Black&White initiatives in Ghana and Germany we are committed to fair economic relations between the two countries. To this end, we promote knowledge about economic relations and proposals for new relations that promote human rights to work and social security.

    We were able to win over PhD student Alice Schmidt for a webinar.

    She will cover the following topics:

    Trade is a key element to fight poverty in developing countries. However, trade between the EU and Africa implies many problems: What is the structure of the trade between the EU and Africa? Which impact does the EU’s agricultural export have on countries in West Africa and on local farmers? What is the impact of the agricultural policies and agricultural subsidies by the EU? Alice Schmidt, PhD candidate at the University of Münster is going to present her research results on that topic. For three years, she has been researching about this topic and conducted research interviews in the three West African countries Ghana, Nigeria and Liberia with farmers, politicians, trainers, researchers and NGOs about the three products poultry, fish and milk powder.

    If you want to be kept informed about developments in Ghana, West Africa and North-South relations you could register on our community site and follow the forums. If you want to help shape the relations, you can join one of the groups:

    You can join us via this link:


    We are already inviting all interested parties to network on the topic of peacebuilding in Ghana, West Africa and for North-South justice and peace. We have set up for this purpose. Anyone can register there. We want to use it to establish sustainable links.

    • This discussion was modified 9 months, 3 weeks aktiv. by  BlackandWhite.
    • This discussion was modified 9 months, 3 weeks aktiv. by  BlackandWhite.

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