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  • Peace march in Sunyani! Support is possible – Webinar with activists from Ghana

  • Wolfgang

    19. November 2020 at 10:44

    Peace march in Sunyani! Support is possible – Webinar with activists from Ghana

    Ghana is also the most stable country in West Africa with the most democratic rights. There are now fears that tensions could escalate in Ghana in connection with the 7 December elections. This youth initiative from Sunyani opposes developments and calls for a march for peace on 25 November.

    On Saturday 18 November it will present its action from 17.00.

    You can log in here:

    In the neighbouring countries of Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, millions of people are on the run. In the Ivory Coast (Cote dÌvoire) there is post-election violence. We describe some aspects of the background in the annex.

    In the Ghanaian town of Sunyani, the SYDA youth initiative is taking a stand against this development.

    Together with the initiative Black&White Ghana, SYDA is building an alliance for securing peace in Ghana: With people of different ethnic groups, religions and non-partisan. We have attached the appeal of SYDA.

    It is even more difficult for non-elite people in Ghana to raise funds for action than for us. The average income is 165 Euro.

    At a webinar on Saturday at 5 pm, the peace activists from Sunyani will present their action. You will have the opportunity to talk to them. We can discuss how we can work together for peace. Can we make a financial contribution to the action? What should a peace-building policy for Europe look like?

    It is also an opportunity for engagement for those who want to reduce the causes of flight.

    If you want to be part of it, you can log in on Saturday at 5 pm here:

    The Black&White initiative supports the campaign; it has set up a donation account for peace work, as it does not have great financial strength itself and cannot make the necessary contribution on its own: Initiative Black&White, keyword peace march Sunyani, IBAN: DE 74 5225 0030 0000 0390 81; the association passes on the amounts directly to the organisers of the peace march so that they can perhaps also be used to prepare the action.

    This peace march is not intended to be a one-off operation. We believe that North-South cooperation is necessary for peace: The wars have their causes in politics and above all in the economic policy of the industrialised countries and in the African states. We are committed to sustainable North-South peace work and want to promote it together with the activists in Sunyani. There is also the idea of creating the Sunyani Peacefactory for joint peace work with the Wanfried Peace Factory.

    We want to promote the networking of the active members from the stable to the less stable regions in West Africa. Peace is not a gift to us, as Kant analysed in his essay „On Eternal Peace“. Peace must be enforced against those who earn by war. And that could only be done by those who no longer want people to die in wars and have to pay for war, armament and war debts.

    Two trillion dollars are currently wasted every year on armament and wars. With 60 per cent of this money, the basic needs of all people worldwide could be secured. Many more billions in assets – homes, cities, factories, roads and bridges are destroyed by wars. Not to mention human lives: In Africa, for example, more than five million children have lost their lives in war and violence in recent decades. The military is also one of the biggest culprits of climate destruction.

    Cooperation for social security for all, building friendships between people of different nations – these are the paths to peace agreed in the UN Charter in 1945. Let us walk these paths.

    to the pictures: Poster for the peace march, Sunyani on the map, pictures from an event in the SYDA youth centre last year on Fridays for Future International Strike Day against climate destruction

    Meeting of members of SYDA and the two initiatives Black&White from Ghana and Germany last year; together they organised a workshop on „Reducing the causes of flight

    Translated with (free version)

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  • Wolfgang

    19. November 2020 at 19:42

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