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  • Webinar-Video: Push US-Africom to leave Africa

  • BlackandWhite

    10. Dezember 2020 at 8:42

    Thank you to our speakers: Joy Onyesoh, Sylvie Ndongmo, Marie-Claire Faray, Christine Odera, and Margaret Kimberley! And thank you to the 100+ organizations that endorsed the event (the full list of endorsers is available in the video description on YouTube)!

    Here are 3 ways that you can take action with our sponsoring organizations:

    Take action with Black Alliance for Peace’s U.S. Out of Africa campaign and sign the petition!Join WILPF US’s DISARM/End Wars Committee to raise consciousness about the environmental and economic effects of militarism, develop resources and educate the public about the importance of cutting US military expenditures, and demilitarize the police, in order to shift resources to crucial societal needs.Sign World BEYOND War’s Declaration of Peace and check the box for „I want to work on closing bases“ to volunteer with WBW’s No Bases Campaign Team and work on shutting down the network of U.S. military bases around the world.

    In solidarity, Black Alliance for Peace, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom – US Section, and World BEYOND War

    (1) Webinar: AFRICOM & Human Rights in Africa – YouTube

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