Please join in the development of the Black&White-Community – Organizing international teamwork to ensure the human survival!!!

Organizing international teamwork to ensure the human survival!!!

Please join in the development of the Black&White-Community

Organizing international teamwork to ensure the human survival!!!

We want to connect people from the North and South of the world in teams. We believe the thesis of Willy Brandt’s North-South Commission is correct when he writes: “Without a fair North-South-relations, peace cannot be created or maintained and humanity risks its survival.

We have created our own social network, independent of Facebook, for networking and the exchange of information and opinions:

Anyone who wants to help us ensure North-South justice and above all fair European-African relations, can register here.

Our Blog is called: „Our World„, because we want to contribute to the understanding of central developments problems in the world today. At the same time, we want to lay claim to the creation of a world that serves all of us, all members of the “One World Human Family”; a world shaped by states in solidarity according to the principles of the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with peace and dignified living conditions for all. The contributions of the blog are available to everyone in the newsfeed.

So far, we have been concentrating on team building and development of teamwork in Ghana and Germany. We have the Black&White partner-associations in Ghana and Germany and we have so far established reliable connections and contacts between activists of these two countries. If you want to promote networking in Ghana, you can join the Ghana Group there and get information and comment in the Ghana Forum. We want to promote this networking with our partner association, which is mainly active in the Ghanaian city of Sunyani.

The same goes for networking with activists for peace and justice in West Africa and networking for the implementation of North-South justice. In order to promote networking among committed people from all over the world for the implementation of the UN Charter and the Declaration of Human Rights, there is the group and forum of the Peace Factory Wanfried; in order to build a majority political will in society, we propose the establishment of non-partisan constituency forums. We want to start with this in constituency 169; this constituency is the seat of the Black&White Initiative in Germany.

Come and let us work together for a just and peaceful world!!!

Dr. Emmanuel Ametepeh

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