„The conflict between Beijing and Washington will shape this still young century.“ How can global civil society prevent this from happening and prevent humanity’s resources from being wasted in this new Cold War; public resources that we urgently need to stop climate change, to create social prospects for the world’s young people and overcome the neocolonial structure of the worldeconomy? How can we prevent conflicts and wars around the world from being fomented or exacerbated in the struggle for spheres of influence between the major powers and European states? How can we move from the permanent risk of escalating tensions to a major war and perhaps even nuclear war? In the FriedensFabrik Wanfried and the Black&White initiative we are seeking answers to these questions? Are you searching with us?

Peter Beyer (CDU, ruling party in Germany) sees the relationship between the USA and China at the beginning of a cold war. The conflict between Beijing and Washington will „shape this still young century“. Regardless of who wins the US presidential election on 3 November, Europe must face this „mega-challenge in partnership with the USA“.
The challenger to US President Donald Trump, Democrat Joe Biden, has also announced that he will pursue a „tough China policy“, said Beyer.

translated by „Our World“


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